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The story of Audrey

Introducing you to our new friend is really a dream come true for us. Audrey is the owner and magical hands behind our favourite place in Amsterdam: My little Patisserie. We come to the patisserie so often ,not only for the delicious cakes but also for the wonderfully inspring colors and textures. Toegether with Aurdrey we decided to bring our two world together to create something truly special.

S/R: Tell us a bit about yourself and the patisserie.

Audrey: The patisserie has been open for almost 8 years now. Creating patisserie was a dream come true. After having worked in an office, I wanted to work with my hands and see the result of my work. That is exactly what happens at the patisserie every day. You start with raw ingredients like flour, eggs, butter and sugar then create a cake and sell it. Its very satisfying.

S/R: Your creations inspire us with flavours and colors. What inspires you when creating a recipe?

Audrey: Inspiration can come from the season, a flavour, a smell or travel. It is also team work and often inspiration comes from casual brainstorming with my team.

S/R: You use a lot of flowers in your work. what is it that you love about the mix of sweets and blooms?

Audrey: Indeed it looks pretty and I love using dry and fresh flowers to decorate cakes but I also like to use flowers in the recipes. I think it has something to do with my childhood: I would always ask for a rose flavoured cake for my birthday.

S/R: Can your share a tip or ritual for self care with our community?

Audrey: Sleeping! I need a lot of sleep and luckily now that my youngest is 3 years old I can finally get some sleep again. I also enjoy nature walks with my family and meeting friends for coffee and cakes.

S/R: What do you love about Semi/Romantic?

Audrey: Semi/Romantic is elegant and cool. I like the fact that it is designed in Amsterdam and produced ethically in Portugal using Italian fabrics. Plus, I see you every week at the patisserie so I have a personal connection to the brand :)

What inspires Audrey

“Inspiration can come from the season, a flavour, a smell ”


Audrey's Favourites

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