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The story of Alex

We are so happy to introduce our new friend Alex. Alex's work to make social media more real, allowing people to share their vulnerability and be open is so inspiring. Together with their partner, they create images that so beautifully encompass the values they live by.

S/R: Tell us a bit about yourself (where you live, your profession and what your passions are.

Alex: I’m from Montreal, I recently dropped out of my English Literature Ph.D. and am currently in the process of starting a… still-secret project, ha, and I do custom filters that don’t alter the skin or facial features because I believe in a safer way to use social media. The filters are a small part of how I use my platform – I am passionate about vulnerability, talking openly about our personal struggles, and engaging with our world to openly connect and discuss these taboos.

S/R: You created these beautiful images with your partner. Could you tell us a bit about your creative process together, what it's like to work together and have a relationship and how you find inspiration and balance together?

Alex: Our creative process is always pretty organic, we usually just think of how the thing we are shooting inspires us. What the texture, the brand, the colors bring to our mind, and from there we tend to come up with an idea—where what film, color or black and white, etc. Semi/Romantic really gives me a home-y vibe that I wanted to recreate, and once in our setting, the idea of seriality came from Hamza who took out a magazine and it just clicked into place (no pun intended).

This series really reminds me of movies I used to watch or magazines I used to read as a teen and recreating it in a more “normal” way, in a comfortable setting, unshaved and as I want to present myself, is yet another proof that we can rethink and reinvent the wheel of aesthetics — both how we see and create, but also how we decide to consume it. mindfully, slowly, and conscientiously. I find it pretty amazing to have such a collaborative relationship. We like to call it a partnership because, beyond our personal relationship, we’re friends, we collaborate and inspire each other, there’s a sense of trust and support in our individual and communal projects that is quite amazing.

S/R: What made you connect to Semiromantic? What did you love about the brand or the Lingerie itself?

Alex: The delicacy of the brand spoke to me initially, and the community of artists you engage with is quite lovely—and then the texture of the materials, the softness of it, was fitting to my expectations of how delicate the brand looks.

S/R: Could you share with our community something you do for self-care? A ritual, food, pampering... Something that you do just for you, to relax or recharge.

Alex: To me, self-care is in the simple things. If I showered in the day, made my skincare morning and evening, washed my dishes, and checked in within myself mindfully —I’ll say it’s as good a start as anything. Then it’ll be if I cooked for myself, ate enough, drank water, and so on. I think it’s in the routines, details, and consistency that I find comfort and care for myself.

What Alex loves about semi/romantic

“The delicacy of the brand, and the texture of the materials, the softness of it.”


Alex' Favorite


Lingerie is an intimate thing. That's why we love knowing about the women who wear SEMI/ROMANTIC, and we want you to know us just as well.

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