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Though sustainability is the essential kernel of what we stand for, we’ve got many other things to say. We are just as passionate about producing luxury lingerie of only the highest quality. Our pieces are both beautiful and timeless, and our fabrics are as diverse as the women who wear them. We love that each of our fabrics – from the super soft ribbed jersey to the delicate lace – are ethically produced. We love that these gorgeous, sustainable fabrics are stitched together by an incredible all-female team at our factory Sylvan in Portugal.

Our production

“Just as we hope our lingerie is for you — for us, Sylvan is the perfect fit.”

Sylvan: The production factory

Like most good things, everything at Semi/Romantic is greater than the sum of its (albeit wonderful) parts. But to become this great sum, we need a little bit of help, some magic hands behind the scenes putting everything together. And that is where Sylvan comes in. This incredible production factory is nestled in a tiny village in the middle of Portugal and employs 60 incredible people, most of whom are women. Collaboration and community, values that resonate strongly with us here at Semi/Romantic, are key at Sylvan and have been since its founding 36 years ago.

The perfect fit

Though they have top of the line machinery, the team at Sylvan knows that there is nothing more valuable than the human touch; from pattern-making to sewing to detailed finishing work to shipping, the women who work here are skilled and meticulous every step of the way. Let’s face it: women know what women want, so it’s no surprise that each piece that comes out of our production factory is sturdy yet delicate, functional yet luxurious. Just as we hope all of our lingerie is for you — for us — Sylvan is the perfect fit.

Tencel® + Recycled Lace

Let's talk about fabrics


Though we’d hate to bore you with tales of the minutia of our production, we want you to know how are pieces fit and look as fantastic as they do, and we owe a lot of that to the Tencel® Lenzing fibres that make up the dreamy jersey from TINTEX. Sustainably produced in Austria, the Lenzing fibres are of only the highest quality, able to promote thermal regulation and moisture control as well as to minimise bacteria from sweat. They take on dyes beautifully and make for fabrics that are silky to the touch. Really, what more could you want?

Recycled Lace

We wouldn’t want jersey to have all the fun, so we thought we’d introduce you to our lovely, delicate lace that also just so happens to be totally eco-friendly. We get all of the beautiful lace we use from Iluna, a supplier based in Italy – the spiritual birthplace of Semi/Romantic – that is the first in the world to create truly sustainable lace. They really are as green as can be. But don’t take our word for it! Iluna has OKEO TEX and global sustainability certifications, attesting to their high quality products and even higher standards for sustainable production.


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