Meet Anastasia

Our passionate new friend.

The story of Anastasia

We are beyond excited to present to you our friend Anastasia. We caught a glimpse of Anastasia's photography and we immediately felt a connection. We were so happy to find out that she felt the same about Semi/Romantic and a beautiful conversation began. Read all about Anastasia, her art, and her thoughts about women, dancing, and lingerie.

S/R: Tell us a bit about yourself...

Anastasia: Every interview always started with 'welcome someone doing something', mine is the same, so... Hi, my name is Anastasia, I'm 28 and live in Belarus. If I knew that someday I would write about myself in English, I would have definitely studied better :). I've been in photography for almost 7 years and I feel fortunate to say that it's my hobby and huge passion. Love the phrase "Beauty in the eye of the beholder," and I have an opportunity to share my point of view.

S/R: We were so moved by your work. You shoot mostly in black& white and focus on women. Can you tell us a bit about your process and your subjects?

Anastasia: Firstly, thank you. It's important for every creator to see a response to their work. If no one responds and connects with your art, then the meaning of creativity is lost. Now I shoot mostly in black&white, it looks profound and has something mesmerizing, even magical about it. I adore women, time and time again I am struck by their strength, beauty, and versatility.

S/R: What made you connect to Semi/Romantic? What did you love about the brand or the Lingerie itself?

Anastasia: I saw a brand shooting on Instagram and it was love. There's a unique energy coming from each detail, it's inspiring. I’m so grateful to be a Semi/Romantic friend.

S/R: Could you share with our community something you do for self-care? A ritual, food, pampering...something that you do that is just for you, to relax or recharge.

Anastasia: Dancing. Dancing. Dancing. My main tip. If I feel broken, tired, or just sad, I turn on the music (very loudly!) and dance. Believe me, it doesn't always look pretty, but after I feel renewed.

Anastasia on SEMI/ROMANTIC

“There's a unique energy coming from each detail, it's inspiring. I’m so grateful to be a Semi/Romantic friend.”


Anastasia's Favorite


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