Meet Hayley

Words of wisdom by a true friend.

The story of Hayley

We are beyond excited to present our friend Hayley. Hayley was one of Semi/Romantics' very first friends. With her incredible talent, she helped us put our story and our passion into words so we can share our story with all of you. Hayley even gave our colors their delicious names. Here is Hayley in her own (beautiful and inspiring) words.

S/R: Tell us a bit about what made you connect with Semi/Romantic

Hayley: Words excite me. They inspire me. They sustain me. I live to find the right words, especially when I’m giving a voice to a brand that really speaks to me – just as Semi/Romantic did. When I first met with Donna, I knew I wanted to work for Semi/Romantic. I was drawn to the aesthetics of the brand, sure, but what I really loved was Semi/Romantic’s ethos. It was so refreshing to finally see a brand that was not only beautiful but also sustainably minded and interested in empowering women and fostering female friendships.

S/R: You helped us find great names for our colors, what inspired you?

Hayley: Every part of the process of developing Semi/Romantic’s tone of voice was a joy, but I really adored naming the colors. There was something so ethereal, so craveable about the fabrics that I wanted to capture. I had flashes of all of these lovely, delicious things — fresh raspberries, crystalline cotton candy — and knew that was the perfect way to name everything.

S/R: Now that you own a Semi/Romantic set, what do you love about it?

Haylay: While I had obviously spent a lot of time thumbing through fabric samples and ogling the designs, I really had no idea just how great it would feel to actually slip into a Semi/Romantic set. I am, ahem, in possession of quite a full chest, so most bras tend to be quite uncomfortable. But Bea was a whole different story. It’s supportive and flattering and really just perfect.

S/R: What does sustainability and making conscious choices mean to you in your daily life?

Hayley: I’m definitely not living as sustainably as I’d like to (sometimes life just gets in the way), but I do my very best to spend ethically and make small changes to my lifestyle. I get gorgeous, seasonal vegetables from a local farm, De Stadsgroenteboer, every week and try to harness my purchasing power for good. I love supporting brands that crusade for the environment and for fair, safe working conditions.

S/R: Tell us something about yourself we didn't know.

Hayley: ’m pretty candid, so it’s difficult to pinpoint something people don’t know about me. Though, as it’s a very new venture, I think most people don’t know about my cookie business, WAKE & BAKE. So, if you like cookies and live in Amsterdam, be sure to check it out! @wakeandbakecookie

What Hayley loves about semi/romantic

“The Bea Bra. It’s supportive and flattering and really just perfect. ”


Hayley's Favorite


Lingerie is an intimate thing. That's why we love knowing about the women who wear SEMI/ROMANTIC, and we want you to know us just as well.

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