Meet Jullie

A friendship built to last.

When we met Jullie it was love at first sight! Jullie is an inspiring young entrepreneur who created This Way, a sustainable travel brand. Not only that but she also looks gorgeous in our Antonia set! We sat down with Jullie for a quick chat about sustainability, food and what inspires her.

S/R: What made you connect with Semi/Romantic?

Jullie: I love the vision of the brand, Its values, and aesthetic. I relate to the mission of transparency and sustainability which are also at the heart of my brand. It's always great to see a brand made by women, for women.

S/R: Speaking of transparency and sustainability, what are some ways you make responsible choices in your daily life?

Jullie: I try not to use plastic. I always carry a tote bag ( from my sustainable brand This Way) which I use for my groceries and shopping. I carry a reusable water bottle and at home, I only use glass and wood containers.

S/R: When looking at food and nutrition, how important are the origin and quality of the food you buy?

Jullie: I find it so important! Our choices can have a huge impact on our bodies and the planet.I buy 80% of my groceries at organic grocers and farmer's markets. I try to shop local and seasonal as much as I can. I care a lot about what I eat and I'm happy to go the extra mile for better quality food.

S/R: Share something personal with us, something you do that makes you happy.

Jullie: I would love to share some of my favorite books which inspire me so much: Seven spiritual laws for success by Deepak Chopra. This book is my life bible. “Material Girl.mystical world” by Ruby Warrington, A great book about living a spiritual life in the 2020s. I also meditate and each chocolate every day!

Jullie on semi/romantic

“Light, soft and surprisingly supportive The Antonia Set is your perfect everyday/everywhere set.”


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