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The story of Quirine

We are so happy to introduce our new friend Quirine Smit. When we met Quirine we were so inspired by how she promotes and embodies values that are so important to us as a brand — sustainability, responsible consumption, and healthy living. We had a chat with Quirine about her work, the new challenge she has taken on, and the love we share for beautiful, ethically made lingerie.

S/R: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do and your work promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Quirine: I'm the founder of The Vegan Effect: a platform where I write about veganism and sustainability. When I started my vegan journey I really missed a place for girls like me: living in the city with a busy social life, but also with a big heart for animals & the environment. So why not start my own blog? I live in Amsterdam together with my boyfriend & my cat and next to writing I really enjoy different kinds of sports, cooking (and eating!), going out and traveling the world.

S/R: As we speak you are about to start a "no-buy challenge". Can you tell us a bit about that, why you decided to do it and what you hope to learn through it?

Quirine: Oh my, that's indeed a challenge! This implies I will not buy any clothes from January 1st till July 1st. I participate because the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world (next to the meat & dairy industry). I'm challenging myself to look at clothes differently (be more creative for example) and, above all, to be satisfied with the stuff I have. I am — unconsciously — tempted a little too often for new items and I always want 'more'. After this challenge, I hope I'm more grateful and satisfied with the stuff I already have. Although I'm not buying for 6 months I'm still using my platform to inspire my followers with nice, sustainable brands.

S/R: What was it about Semi/Romantic that drew you to our brand?

Quirine: My whole life I'm struggling with finding beautiful fitting bras. For many years I wish I had bigger boobs, but now I have embraced them and I'm happy with it. This is due to brands like Semi/Romantic: your lingerie makes me feel pretty and feminine.

S/R: Could you share a little tip or self-care ritual you have?

Quirine: Especially right now I find inspiration and relaxation in the little things: a long Sunday walk, reading a magazine with a nice oat cappuccino on the side, or cooking together with my boyfriend while drinking red wine. Often I go offline for the weekend and for me that's the ultimate self-care.

Check out Quirine's Vegan Effect platform here.


“Your lingerie makes me feel pretty and feminine.”


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