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On the road with Mariska

Behind our new video series

Our latest video series was created by our friend, and amazing photographer, Mariska Kerpel. Mariska took our collection with her while travelling through Portugal. On the road she found inspiration and created beautiful videos. We chatted with Mariska about what holidays, inspiration and using a new medium- Video.

S/R: .We have collaborated in the past on a photographic project. This time we changed the medium to a Video project. Did you approach it in a different way?

Mariska:I took all the videos with an old handycam. It only has one button, the record button, which I love. Working with film is quit new for me, so I don't have to think about all the technical stuff. This is actually the way of photographing which I prefer the most. So in a way it's maybe more simular than I thought.

S/R: You took the S/R collection with you while you were travelling through Portugal and created the videos during the trip. How did you choose the locations? What inspired you?

Mariska: Do you know the feeling of cycling on a sunny day, with you favorite music in your ears? During this cycle you register different pretty moments. Like trees dancing by wind, or you noticed that someone smiled at you.
I think this is how I work or get inspired, by just enjoying my surroundings and when I hear that little voice in my head say; 'this is pretty' than that's the place I want to be and create.
For that reason, I took the garment with me everywhere I went.

S/R: The videos really feel like a travel diary. Can you share a special moment or moments from this holiday?

Mariska: What pops up in my head, is the first day waking up in Portugal. The excitement of seeing these rays of sun coming through the window. The feeling of being very impatient, because of the will to go outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Wanting to discover the area and all its beauty.
Being at a new place, feels like experiencing everything for the first time. A new smell, a different color of light. During a day like this I can't help but wanting to capture all of this.
But maybe most of all the moment that my boyfriend was trying to hang a garment in a 3 meter high cactus on somebody else's land, only using a broomstick. The neighbours gathered behind me on the street trying to understand what these crazy tourists were doing).

S/R: You travelled across Portugal with your family and at the same time created this video series. How did you find time and balance work, family and some time to rest and recharge?

Mariska: I find this a very interesting questions. I've always struggled with this balance, at home, during traveling ect. During my travelling I always carry my camera with me. So that was not something new for me or my travel company. But I recently discovered that for me it's al about taking my time. I enjoy doing things in general way more by taking my time. So that's what I did. I took my time to capture and enjoy making it, without feeling any pressure of time. I mean working abroad with a blue sky is worth enjoying. And I of course took my time to enjoy my holiday. I mostly try to enjoy more.

on finding inspiration

“Do you know the feeling of cycling on a sunny day, with you favorite music in your ears? I think this is how I work or get inspired, by just enjoying my surroundings.”


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