A survival guide.

Less, but better.

As the holiday season gets closer, together with it comes a bombardment of messaging about shopping, sales, and consumption. We want to dedicate this month to focusing on buying less, better, and more thoughtfully. We collected some tips for shopping less, better or not at all this month.

Planning makes perfect.

As black friday approaches every brand you ever shopped with (and those you never did) will start to bombard you with sales and discounts,pushing you to guy things you dont need. Before that happens, make a list of things you really need. Think of the things you were planning to buy anyway this year. Keep the list short . Once sales begin, only go to the shops or websites that sell the items on your list and let go of the rest.

take inventory.

Go throught your closet, your Lingerie drawer and your kitchen cabinets. Look at what you have . This will help you decide if you really need to buy anything more or what it is you really are missing

Don't splurge, invest.

Make up a budget in your mind. An amount you plant to spend and stick to it. Consider spending it on one or two items of high quality that you need and will serve you for years to come instead of 15 things you will want to get rid of by next year.

Choose your partners.

Once you decide what it is you really need think about where you want to shop. The holiday season is a great opportunity to support sustainable brands. Look for brand who share your values. Choose independant local brands, brand who support their communities and the environment. Make your purchase matter.

Sustainability is in the details.

If you are shopping IRL , bring your own bag. A shopping day can result in a lot of wasted paper and plastic and every bag matters. When shopping online many shops offer shipping methods with a lower carbon footprint . Make sure you choose that where you can. It might cost an extra Euro but our planet will thank you.

And maybe don't.

You can simply choose to ignore Black Friday altogether. Spend your budget on something else instead: A nice meal, a concert ticket or a trip to a museum. Use the time and energy to do something that will leave no waste behind but will fill you with great memories.


We strive to be as conscious and sustainable as we can. Our collections are not seasonal and we produce in small batches to reduce waste.

We want our customers to have high quality lingerie that will last them for a long time and we appreciate each one of you for choosing Semi/Romantic.

In order to stay true to our mission , we will not be holding any Black Friday sales. We invite you to join us in choosing less, but better.


In order to stay true to our mission , we will not be holding any Black Friday sales. We invite you to join us in choosing less, but better.


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