Meet Carmen

The illustrator who makes women feel seen.

The story of Carmen

We have been fans of Carmens work and avid followers of her IG for a long time. We both love her art and often find ourselves relating to the moments of womanhood she depicts. They make us smile, cry and mostly feel seen. We are so excited to share our conversation with this amazing creator.

S/R: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do...

Carmen: I'm Carmen Suya, an illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. Besides drawing, I love observing the creative processes of other artists, regardless of their discipline. I'm also passionate about photography, painting, cinema, and various other forms of visual arts myself.

S/R: How did you get into illustration?  Have you always been artistic?

Carmen: Since I was little, I always had a pencil in my hand, and I suppose I never let it go. However, art didn't always take center stage in my life or career. It wasn't until 2018 that I decided to fully focus on illustration, although I continued to combine it with other jobs. Being a sensitive and introverted person, art has always been my form of expression, a way to channel emotions, and an activity I could enjoy alone at any time.

S/R: We feel that your art is relatable to women in a very universal way but at the same time feels like it comes from a very personal place. What inspires you when you choose a subject for a new work?

Carmen: I agree that my art has a very strong personal connection, although I aim to represent a fairly universal perspective. When creating a new piece, I look for sensations or situations I have personally experienced and believe others might have felt too, hoping they can relate. I believe the key is to depict small fragments of life that resonate with our inner selves.

S/R: Do you feel a change in recent years, more openness in the public conversation about body diversity and in talking about very natural things that used to be a bit taboo like periods, body hair, reproduction ?

Carmen: Yes, definitely, and I'm very happy about it. Although there's still a long way to go in combating fatphobia, sexism, and beauty standards, it's heartening to see increased representation in all areas, especially thanks to social media. Despite its challenges, these platforms have also served as windows to showcase countless diverse realities. I'm content, and I believe we're gradually making changes.

S/R: What made you gravitate towards Semi/Romantic? What is your favorite thing about the lingerie sets you chose?

Carmen: Underwear plays a crucial role in our self-perception. For me, it's essential to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time, and I think Semi/Romantic achieves that balance perfectly. I like wearing underwear suitable for everyday use that also makes me feel good about my body. In non-normative bodies, finding that combination can be challenging. I've often been frustrated with underwear that doesn't adapt to my body.

S/R: Can you share a self care tip? something that you do to relax,recenter yourself or as a treat to yourself?

Carmen: It may sound obvious, but I believe the most important thing is to look at oneself with kindness and speak to oneself with kindness. Look in the mirror, even when it's difficult, and dedicate kind words to oneself every day. Caress and embrace oneself, as we would with a person we love. Sometimes, choosing ourselves is challenging, but it's surprising how easy it is to say negative things to ourselves.

Carmens self care tip

" I believe the most important thing is to look at oneself with kindness and speak to oneself with kindness. Look in the mirror, even when it's difficult, and dedicate kind words to oneself every day.


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