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Our friend, The Lingerist.

The story of Jules

If you are a lover of sustainable Lingerie, this woman needs no introduction. It's our dear friend, The Lingerist herself: Jules Schneider. Jules has been our dear friend from the very beginning and you could say Semi/Romantic and The Lingerist really grew up together. We sat down to chat with Jules about lingerie, women, and everything in between.

S/R: Give us a brief introduction of yourself.

Jules: I'm Jules, founder of The Lingerist and living in Amsterdam!

S/R: Where did the passion for lingerie and the idea to start the Lingerist come from?

Jules: My passion for lingerie started many years ago. As a teenager I couldn't find any lingerie that I liked in stores — everything was a bit too lacey, push-uppy, and frilly for my taste. Out of curiosity, I started to sew lingerie myself, and after many failed attempts, I was hooked on the challenge of perfecting this skill. At the same time, I discovered that there were so many small lingerie brands out there, catering to special needs and working with a more inclusive and sustainable approach, than the high street retailers I had known thus far. As a hobby, I started to share their visuals on Instagram. Not being fully satisfied with my corporate job, the idea came to me — why not create a platform where women can buy the designs of these small, inclusive and sustainable lingerie labels, tell their stories, and show women that there are actually brands that provide what they're looking for. After quitting my job and diving headfirst into my entrepreneurial journey, The Lingerist was born!

S/R: The Lingerist is doing an amazing job showcasing and supporting independent and sustainable brands. Do you feel customers are becoming more open to making value-based decisions when choosing what brand to buy?

Jules: We are still at the beginning of the sustainable fashion revolution. The corona pandemic made us all much more aware of our own impact on people and our environment. Working exclusively with sustainable brands, I definitely see that our customers value our collection not just for quality, but also for the service, support, and experience you receive when you support conscious and small businesses! I'm excited to be able to observe this development and push the limits!

S/R: What was it that first drew you to Semi/Romantic and made you want to collaborate with our brand?

Jules: Meeting up for the first time with Semi/Romantic's co-founder Donna who introduced me to the brand, I was deeply impressed with the level of innovation that went into every step of designing, producing, and shipping the collection. It became very clear that you wouldn't compromise in terms of sustainability, quality, and fit, even if it took years and a lot of hard work (even challenging fashion industry norms) to finally create the collection you had in mind. When I got my first set from Semi/Romantic, I could see for myself the love for detail and fit. Currently, the Esmee and Antonia sets are my go-to everyday lingerie and I cannot wait for Semi/Romantic's new colorways and collections!

S/R: You recently had a Pop-Up shop in Amsterdam in which we also participated which was so fun and also a great success. Could you tell us what are the future plans for The Lingerist?

Jules: Since our last Pop Up, we see how much our customers appreciate trying on and shopping for lingerie in person — and not just online. Our next goal is to find a permanent store in Amsterdam! With that, I also want to expand our range to provide for a larger size range, celebrate diversity and serve those women who make and buy the lingerie we offer.


“I was deeply impressed with the level of innovation that went into every step of designing, producing & shipping.”


Jules' Favorite


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