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A friend on a mission.

The story of Laura

We are so happy to introduce our new friend Laura. We discovered Laura's shop, Treat your soul and we immediately knew we had to get to know her. Laura founded a business centered on self-love, sustainability, and womanhood, and her values and spirit are reflected in every inch of her brand. We chatted with Laura about woman-centered businesses, lingerie, and the power of being open about sexuality and loving oneself. We learned so much and we are sure you will too.

S/R: Tell us a bit about yourself (where you live, your profession and what your passions are.

Laura: I grew up in a small town in Germany, close to the mountains. I always loved nature and traveled the world after graduating. Standing on glaciers in New Zealand made me realize that we need to protect this earth that is our home and all its beauty. So I started to make more sustainable choices in my everyday life and thought much more about every purchase I made.

S/R: Treat your soul is a space dedicated to women, their bodies, and their minds. What was the inspiration behind starting the business?

Laura: In 2019 I was looking for sustainable underwear that is sexy and makes you feel good. Back then, there weren´t many sustainable options, and most of them were not available in Germany so I wanted to provide an online shop for that. Founding a business, I thought about the values I want to convey. For me feeling sexy, beautiful, and strong is very empowering. Wearing nice lingerie lets me walk through my day with a much better feeling. Also owning your sexuality and unleashing your female power, makes a woman so much stronger. It´s very important for me that we start talking about our sexuality freely without judgment and taboos. Sex and masturbation are a part of self-love. A way to feel good. We should embrace that. 

S/R: What has your journey with Treat your Soul taught you about yourself as a woman?

Laura: I learned to talk about sexuality freely in public. To be very open and honest with friends about details in my sex life as I found it helps other people to open up as well, relate or think about what they want to change. I found that slow and conscious sex or masturbation is not only much more intense when it comes to orgasm it also increases the feeling of being worthy. It also taught me that lifting each other up, especially other women and their businesses is not only a great feeling it can really change something in this world.

S/R: What drew you to Semi/Romantic and what made you choose the set youare wearing?

Laura: I loved that it is female-founded and all the lingerie is made by women. The fabrics are recycled and therefore they also have the claim to make the world a little bit better. The lingerie is elegant, timeless, and made to last and that is always the most sustainable choice. The Esme set in chili isn't only very comfortable, it's sexy and I absolutely love the color. It´s perfect for the hot summer days at the moment as wearing it feels very free and light.

S/R: Can you share a tip, advice, or self-care ritual of yours with our community?

Laura: I love to write down what I am grateful for every day or at least once a week. We are so conditioned to look at ourselves and see our flaws instead of looking at the parts we love and are grateful for. Tell yourself what´s beautiful about you and start loving the other parts as well. For example: If you like the way your butt looks, be grateful for it! If you don´t like the look of your legs be grateful that they carry you around all day, that they are healthy and the perfect pair of legs for you. Start loving them as much as you love your butt already. This will give you a massive change of perspective if you do that on a regular basis. Learn to really, deeply love yourself, because you are worth it!

What Laura loves about semi/romantic

“The lingerie is elegant, timeless and made to last and that is always the most sustainable choice.”


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Lingerie is an intimate thing. That's why we love knowing about the women who wear SEMI/ROMANTIC, and we want you to know us just as well.

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