Meet Sella

Our super feminine friend.

The story of Sella

We can't think of a better way to end this year and start the new one than to introduce you to our new friend — Sella Molenaar. We fell in love with Sella's beautiful art and when we met her we immediately knew we would be friends! We sat down for a chat with Sella to talk about art, femininity, and of course, beautiful lingerie.

S/R: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do...

Sella: I'm an illustrator from Amsterdam with a fascination for the female form, femininity, and everything sensual and aesthetic. I have been drawing my whole life and started freelancing about 6 years ago when I got my first job as a live illustrator at fashion shows and other events. As a self-taught artist, I don't stick to the rules and my style is defined by freedom, energy, and playfulness.

S/R: We are so in love with your work, It really feels like you are a celebration of the female body but in a very personal and intimate way. Could you share a bit about what inspires you?

Sella: I would like to capture the female essence in all its endless variations. Everyone who identifies as a woman or embraces their feminine sides is an inspiration to me. For me, my illustrations are also a mirror of my own personal search and revaluation of the feminine and in that way very personal and intimate. I like to incorporate feminine qualities not only in my subject but also in the process of making. I like to just flow, be without judgment, enjoying the process, and let whatever happens tome. I see illustration as a mindfulness practice in which I practice the values I'd like to incorporate into my daily life.

S/R: What was it about Semi/Romantic or the pieces you have from the brand that drew you to collaborate with us?

Sella: Semi/Romantic pieces are delicate, soft, and feminine and embody all the qualities I also look for in my own work. I also love the fact you are sustainable and with every piece of lingerie, trying to make the world a little bit more beautiful and fair.

S/R: Could you share a little tip or ritual of yours for self-care (something you like to do to relax, or what you do to recharge and find inspiration)?

Sella: For me making free work in my studio is the best self-care. If I'm in my creative zone I forget about time and space, my mind gets quiet and I can be completely in the here and now. I find it quite hard to sit still and meditate, but drawing is some kind of active meditation for me and the best remedy for stress. The joy of creating is really my life fuel. Besides that, I love to dance and create beautiful, cozy, great-smelling spaces around me, lighting candles, buying flowers, burning essential oils, and moving my body just for my own pleasure. You can't be sad while dancing!


“It's delicate, soft, and feminine and embodies all the qualities I also look for in my own work.”


Sella's Favorite


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