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Mai Linh

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Lingerie is an intimate thing. That's why we love knowing about the women who wear Semi/Romantic, and we want you to know them just as well.

Meet our friend Nastya

Nastya Gerak is the amazing photographer behind all of our campaigns. She lives and works in Odesa, Ukraine. Earlier this year we started planning for a new photoshoot that was set to take place in Odesa on the last week of February. Unfortunately, just days before the shooting war broke in Ukraine.

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A friend on a mission

Our new friend Shir has so much positive energy, it immediately lifted our spirits and we knew we had to share the good vibes with you. Shir shares our belief that every small act matters when it comes to protecting our planet and all the beings on it. She shared her journey and great tips with us.

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Our wayfaring friend

We are beyond excited to introduce our friend Dani. The friend we have been waiting for. Psychotherapist, yogi, traveler and so much more, Dani is such a beautiful spirit. We had a chat with Dani about her many passions, what practicing yoga means to her, how she finds a home within herself no matter where she is in the world, and of course — great lingerie.

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A friendship built to last

When we met Jullie it was love at first sight! Jullie is an inspiring young entrepreneur who created This Way, a sustainable travel brand. Not only that but she also looks gorgeous in our Antonia set! We sat down with Jullie for a quick chat about sustainability, food and what inspires her.

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Our friend, nature's friend

Immersed in nature in northern Israel, we found our new friend Zohar. Digital creator lover of movement and sustainability advocate, Zohar lives by her values every day. We sat down for a chat with Zohar and talked about responsible consumption, body image, and great vegan recipes.

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Our friend, the lingerist

If you are a lover of sustainable Lingerie, this woman needs no introduction. It's our dear friend, The Lingerist herself: Jules Schneider. Jules has been our dear friend from the very beginning and you could say Semi/Romantic and The Lingerist really grew up together. We sat down to chat with Jules about Lingerie, Women, and everything in between.

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Our passionate new friend

We are beyond excited to present to you our friend Anastasia. We caught a glimpse of Anastasia's photography and we immediately felt a connection. We were so happy to find out that she felt the same about Semi/Romantic and a beautiful conversation began. Read all about Anastasia, her art, and her thoughts about women, dancing, and lingerie.

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Our earth lover friend

We are very proud to introduce our new friend Maya. Yogi, earth lover, and activist. Maya's work is so inspiring to us and she really is proof that every person can make an impact and do meaningful things for our planet. We got so many tips and great advice during our talk that we just had to share it with you all.

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Our captivating new friend

We are so proud to present our new friend Sara Herrlander. Actress, Photographer and painter, Saras work captivated us immediately and after our conversation with her we are even more enamored!

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Magic in motion

We are thrilled to introduce our New friend Dana Pajarillaga. We caught a glimpse of a video of Dana dancing and we were so moved by it, we new we had to get to know her. We discovered such a beautiful person we wanted you all to know her too.

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Meet Alex

We are so happy to introduce our new friend Alex. Alex's work to make social media more real, allowing people to share their vulnerability and be open is so inspiring. Together with their partner, they create images that so beautifully encompass the values they live by.

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About life, love and smiling when you look at your reflection in the mirror.

We are so happy to introduce our new friend Guy. A magical friend with a smile that spreads sunshine. We first met Guy at an event we had a few months ago. She fell in love with some Semi/Romantic pieces and we fell in love with her! We had a conversation about her lifestyle and She shared with us some of her mantras and tips about self-care and living a vibrant life.

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Be a voice for good

We are so happy to introduce our new friend Quirine Smit. When we met Quirine we were so inspired by how she promotes and embodies values that are so important to us as a brand — sustainability, responsible consumption, and healthy living. We had a chat with Quirine about her work, the new challenge she has taken on, and the love we share for beautiful, ethically made lingerie.

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A love letter from the black sea

We are incredibly proud to share a conversation we had with our friend Nastya. Not only is Nastya a lover of lingerie she is also an amazing and inspiring photographer. When we discovered her work we could wait to get to know her, and we are so proud to call her a friend of Semi/Romantic.

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Our super feminine friend

We can't think of a better way to end this year and start the new one than to introduce you to our new friend — Sella Molenaar. We fell in love with Sella's beautiful art and when we met her we immediately knew we would be friends! We sat down for a chat with Sella to talk about art, femininity, and of course, beautiful lingerie.

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Kindness, Friendship & Self Love

A few months ago we had a great chat with our friend Daniella. On the occasion of world kindness day, we want to share it with you. Daniella had some beautiful and inspiring things to say about kindness, friendship, self-love, and of course — lingerie.

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Words of wisdom by a true friend

We are beyond excited to present our friend Hayley. Hayley was one of Semi/Romantics' very first friends. With her incredible talent, she helped us put our story and our passion into words so we can share our story with all of you. Hayley even gave our colors their delicious names. Here is Hayley in her own (beautiful and inspiring) words.

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A friendship that feeds the soul

We are beyond excited to introduce our new friend Imogen, a food designer based in London. Imogen uses culinary practice as a means of communication. We had a chat with Imogen about food, Lingerie, and sustainability.

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